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Namephotosynthetic reaction center, alphaproteobacterial type
DescriptionThis alphaproteobacterial-type photosynthetic reaction center is found in Rhodobacterales, Rhodospirillales, Rhizobiales. A similar complex is found in the Chloroflexi, which do not belong to the alphaproteobacteria. This complex is associated with nonoxygenic photosynthesis. It differs from photosystems I and II of the cyanobacteria and plants. The core complex of the reaction center is a heterotrimer of L, M, and H subunits.
JCVI RolePhotosynthesis
Parent PropertyGenProp0027: photosynthesis
Literature References
[ 1 ]Youvan DC, Bylina EJ, Alberti M, Begusch H, Hearst JE  Nucleotide and deduced polypeptide sequences of the photosynthetic reaction-center, B870 antenna, and flanking polypeptides from R. capsulata.  Cell. 1984 Jul;37(3):949-57.  PMID 6744416

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
putative photosynthetic complex assembly proteinassem_1YESTIGR03054 (HMM): putative photosynthetic complex assembly protein
putative photosynthetic complex assembly protein 2assem_2YESTIGR03055 (HMM): putative photosynthetic complex assembly protein 2
photosynthetic reaction center L subunitpufLYESTIGR01157 (HMM): photosynthetic reaction center L subunit
photosynthetic reaction center M subunitpufMYESTIGR01115 (HMM): photosynthetic reaction center M subunit
photosynthetic reaction center H subunitpuhAYESTIGR01150 (HMM): photosynthetic reaction center H subunit

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