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Nameintracellular sulfur oxidation
DescriptionThis system, usually associated with the dissimatory sulfite reductase (dsr) locus, includes proteins DsrE, DsrF, DshH, and DsrC, which are small, soluble proteins required for the oxidation of intracellular sulfur.
JCVI RoleSulfur metabolism
Parent PropertyGenProp0196: sulfur metabolism
Literature References
[ 1 ]Ikeuchi Y, Shigi N, Kato J, Nishimura A, Suzuki T  Mechanistic insights into sulfur relay by multiple sulfur mediators involved in thiouridine biosynthesis at tRNA wobble positions.  Mol Cell. 2006 Jan 6;21(1):97-108.  PMID 16387657
[ 2 ]Dahl C, Engels S, Pott-Sperling AS, Schulte A, Sander J, Lubbe Y, Deuster O, Brune DC  Novel genes of the dsr gene cluster and evidence for close interaction of Dsr proteins during sulfur oxidation in the phototrophic sulfur bacterium Allochromatium vinosum.  J Bacteriol. 2005 Feb;187(4):1392-404.  PMID 15687204

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
putative dissimilatory sulfite reductase gamma subunitDsrCNOTIGR03342 (HMM): sulfur relay protein, TusE/DsrC/DsvC family
DsrE proteinDsrEYESTIGR03012 (HMM): sulfur relay protein TusD/DsrE
DsrF proteinDsrFYESTIGR03010 (HMM): sulfur relay protein TusC/DsrF
DsrH proteinDsrHYESTIGR03011 (HMM): sulfur relay protein TusB/DsrH

Parent Properties
GenProp0196sulfur metabolism

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