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Nametype II restriction system, Alw26I/Eco31I/Esp3I family
DescriptionThis property consists of type II restriction system enzymes in the family of Alw26I, Eco31I, and Esp3I, which have similar recognition sites. The m5 cytosine DNA methyltransferase has an unusual cyclical perumutation of motifs, while the endonuclease shows only remote sequence similarity to other restriction endonucleases, and the m6 adenine DNA methyltransferase only remote similarity to other methyltransferases. The methyltransferases are tandem genes in some instances of this system, and a fusion protein in others. Three known recognition sequences for this family of restriction system are GTCTC, GGTCTC and CGTCTC.
JCVI RoleRestriction/modification
Parent PropertyGenProp0116: DNA metabolism
GenProp1067: Defense systems

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
type II restriction endonuclease, Alw26I/Eco31I/Esp3I familyendonucYESTIGR02986 (HMM): type II restriction endonuclease, Alw26I/Eco31I/Esp3I family
adenine DNA methyltransferasemet_AdeYESTIGR02987 (HMM): type II restriction m6 adenine DNA methyltransferase, Alw26I/Eco31I/Esp3I family
type II restriction m5 cytosine DNA methyltransferase, Alw26I/Eco31I/Esp3I familymet_CytYESPF00145 (HMM-CLUST): C-5 cytosine-specific DNA methylase

Parent Properties
GenProp0116DNA metabolism
GenProp1067Defense systems

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