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Nameputrescine biosynthesis from arginine via ornithine
DescriptionAn alternative to the SpeAB pathway to putrescine from arginine via agmatine (GenProp0642) involves ornithine decarboxylase (SpeC or SpeF). Ornithine can be generated via several amino acids including glutamate (GenProp0118) and possibly proline as well as the pathways from arginine represented here. A pathway found only in eukaryotes for the biosynthesis of creatine also incidentally generates ornithine (and guanidinoacetate) from arginine and glycine.
JCVI RolePolyamine biosynthesis
Parent PropertyGenProp0063: biosynthesis

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
ornithine decarboxylaseSpeC/FYES4.1.1.17 (ECNUM)

speC (gene_sym)

TIGR04301 (HMM): ornithine decarboxylase SpeF
odc (gene_sym)
conversion of arginine to ornithinearg-ornYESGenProp0639 (GENPROP): arginine degradation via citrulline, ATP-generating

TIGR01229 (HMM): arginase

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