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Namenitrogenase, Fe-only
DescriptionThree homologous types of nitrogenase are the common molybdenum-containing, the alternative vanadium (V)-containing, and the alterantive iron (Fe)-only. This Genome Property represents presence in a genome of the Fe-only nitrogenase system, which acts in nitrogen fixation, and its accessory proteins.
JCVI RoleNitrogen fixation
Parent PropertyGenProp0029: nitrogen fixation

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
Fe-only nitrogenase, alpha subunitalph_FeYESTIGR01861 (HMM): nitrogenase iron-iron protein, alpha chain
Fe-only nitrogenase, anfO/anf1 accessory proteinanfO_FeNOTIGR02940 (HMM): Fe-only nitrogenase accessory protein AnfO
Fe-only nitrogenase, beta subunitbeta_FeYESTIGR02931 (HMM): Fe-only nitrogenase, beta subunit
Fe-only nitrogenase, delta subunitdelt_FeYESTIGR02929 (HMM): Fe-only nitrogenase, delta subunit

Parent Properties
GenProp0029nitrogen fixation

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