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Namecytochrome (quinone) oxidase, bd type
DescriptionThe cytochrome bd complex is a quinol oxidase, oxygen reductase. Usually this complex functions to couple the reduced quinone pool to the oxygen terminal electron acceptor in aerobic respiration. It has been reported that certain anaerobes or microaerophiles may utilize this system to reduce the amount of oxygen present in their local environment [1]. The complex is composed of two subunits: Subunit I (CydA) contains the quinone binding site [2] and is also a component of the cytochrome b0 complex. Subunit II (CydB) contains the binding site for heme b558. Additionally, the complex contains two other hemes, b595 and d which make up the oxygen reduction site [3].
JCVI RoleElectron transport
Parent PropertyGenProp0616: single complex oxygen reduction and quinone re-oxidation
Literature References
[ 1 ]Baughn AD, Malamy MH  The strict anaerobe Bacteroides fragilis grows in and benefits from nanomolar concentrations of oxygen.  Nature. 2004 Jan 29;427(6973):441-4.  PMID 14749831
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Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
subunit I, CydACydAYESPF01654 (HMM): bacterial cytochrome ubiquinol oxidase
subunit II, CydBCydBYESPF02322 (HMM): cytochrome oxidase subunit II
TIGR00203 (HMM): cytochrome d ubiquinol oxidase, subunit II
Transporter for assembly, CydCCydCNOTIGR02868 (HMM): thiol reductant ABC exporter, CydC subunit
Transporter for assembly, CydDCydDNOTIGR02857 (HMM): thiol reductant ABC exporter, CydD subunit
cyd operon protein YbgT (Proteobacterial)YbgTNOTIGR02106 (HMM): cyd operon protein YbgT

Parent Properties
GenProp0616single complex oxygen reduction and quinone re-oxidation

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