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NamerepABC-type alpha-proteobacterial replicon(s)
DescriptionPlasmids and second chromosomes in the alpha-proteobacteria, that is, replicons other than main chromosome, often are maintained by repABC systems (an example of an alternative system is replicator region type A). RepA and RepB are partitioning proteins, while RepC is a replication protein. In species with multiple plasmids, different classes of repABC system work in parallel; it appears that the incompatability system that separates the different RepABC subtypes is mediated by an untranslated RNA gene, incA, encoded between repB and repC and transcribed in the antisense direction (see PMID: 15659174). IncA is not modelled as part of this Genome Property. Note that homologs to RepA and RepB occur as gene pairs in smaller replicons outside the alpha-proteobacteria, such as on the smaller chromosome of Vibrio cholerae (a gamma-proteobacterium). These more distantly related systems, however, fall outside the definition of repABC systems as adapted here from literature.
JCVI RolePlasmid functions
Parent PropertyGenProp0116: DNA metabolism
Literature References
[ 1 ] MacLellan SR, Smallbone LA, Sibley CD, Finan TM   The expression of a novel antisense gene mediates incompatibility within the large repABC family of alpha-proteobacterial plasmids.   Mol Microbiol. 2005 Jan;55(2):611-23.  PMID 15659174

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
repA plasmid partitioning proteinrepAYESTIGR03453 (HMM): plasmid partitioning protein RepA
repB plasmid partitioning proteinrepBYESTIGR03454 (HMM): plasmid partitioning protein RepB
repC replication initiator proteinrepCYESPF03428 (HMM): replication protein C N-terminal domain

Parent Properties
GenProp0116DNA metabolism

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