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NameF-type conjugation system (type IV secretion) specific components
DescriptionA system for the transfer of plasmid DNA between cells via a pilus. This system is a specialized type-IV secretion system.
JCVI RolePlasmid functions
Parent PropertyGenProp0489: F-type conjugation system
Literature References
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Gene Ontology TermGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation (biological_process)

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
TraF pilus assembly proteinTraFYESTIGR02739 (HMM): type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TraFGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
Possible alternate TraF or TrbBTraF-likNOTIGR02740 (HMM): TraF-like proteinGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
TraH pilus assembly proteinTraHYESPF06122 (HMM): conjugative relaxosome accessory transposon proteinGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
TraI plasmid relaxase/helicase proteinTraIYESTIGR02760 (HMM): conjugative transfer relaxase protein TraIGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
TraN outer membrane mating-pair stabilization proteinTraNYESPF06986 (HMM): mating pair stabilisation protein TraN
TIGR02750 (HMM): type-F conjugative transfer system mating-pair stabilization protein TraN
GO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
GO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
TraQ pilin inner membrane chaperoneTraQNOTIGR02741 (HMM): type-F conjugative transfer system pilin chaperone TraQGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
TraU mating-pair stabilization proteinTraUYESPF06834 (HMM): TraU proteinGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
TraW pilus assembly proteinTraWYESTIGR02743 (HMM): type-F conjugative transfer system protein TraWGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
TraX pilin acetylaseTraXNOTIGR02755 (HMM): type-F conjugative transfer system pilin acetylase TraXGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
TrbB pilus assembly disulfide isomeraseTrbBYESTIGR02738 (HMM): type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly thiol-disulfide isomerase TrbBGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
possible alternate TrbB, CXXC-containing proteinTrbB-likNOCLUST+CXXCmotif (MANUAL)
TrbC pilus assembly proteinTrbCYESTIGR02742 (HMM): type-F conjugative transfer system pilin assembly protein TrbCGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation
TrbI pilus assembly proteinTrbINOTIGR02744 (HMM): type-F conjugative transfer system protein TrbIGO:0009291: unidirectional conjugation

Parent Properties
GenProp0489F-type conjugation system

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