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Nameacetate -- acetyl-CoA interconversions
Descriptionacetate and acetyl-CoA can be interconverted for a number of purposes including utilization of acetate as in acetate fermentation, excretion of acetate in the fermentation of other compounds and the biosynthesis of acetyl-CoA for other purposes. Several different single-step and multi-step pathways are summarized in this property. The state of this property will be YES if any of the component pathways are found and the value field will hold the number of pathways found.
Parent PropertyGenProp0072: central intermediary metabolism

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
direct with ATP/AMP: GenProp0480dir ATPYESGenProp0480 (GENPROP): acetyl-CoA biosynthesis from acetate, direct
via acetyl phosphate: GenProp0478via AcPYESGenProp0478 (GENPROP): acetyl-CoA -- acetate interconversion via acetyl phosphate

Parent Properties
GenProp0072central intermediary metabolism

Child Properties
GenProp0480acetyl-CoA biosynthesis from acetate, direct

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