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Nameprotein-coding palindromic elements
DescriptionTwo different classes are known, so far, of mobile palindromic elements that insert in-frame into genes of certain obligate intracellular bacteria and code for an amino acid insert in the host protein. In contrast to inteins, the insert is relatively small and does not get spliced out. Rather, it appears the affected protein continues to function because the location of the insert is not destructive to correct protein folding. The two classes described so far are designated RPE, discovered in Rickettsia, and WPE, discovered in Wolbachia.
Parent PropertyGenProp0066: selfish genetic elements
Literature References
[ 1 ]Ogata H, Suhre K, Claverie JM  Discovery of protein-coding palindromic repeats in Wolbachia.  Trends Microbiol 2005 Jun;13(6):253-5.  PMID 15936655
[ 2 ]Ogata H, Audic S, Barbe V, Artiguenave F, Fournier PE, Raoult D, Claverie JM  Selfish DNA in protein-coding genes of Rickettsia.  Science 2000 Oct 13;290(5490):347-50.  PMID 11030655

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
Rickettsia palindromic element (RPE)RPE1NOTIGR01045 (HMM): rickettsial palindromic element RPE1 domain
Rickettsial palindromic element RPE2 domainRPE2NOTIGR03774 (HMM): rickettsial palindromic element RPE2 domain
Rickettsial palindromic element RPE3 domainRPE3NOTIGR03775 (HMM): rickettsial palindromic element RPE3 domain
Rickettsial palindromic element RPE4 domainRPE4NOTIGR03777 (HMM): rickettsial palindromic element RPE4 domain
Rickettsial palindromic element RPE5 domainRPE5NOTIGR03776 (HMM): rickettsial palindromic element RPE5 domain
Wolbachia palidromic element (WPE)WPENOTIGR02697 (HMM): Wolbachia palindromic element domain

Parent Properties
GenProp0066selfish genetic elements

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