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Namefatty acid biosynthesis
DescriptionThe formation from simpler components of a fatty acid, any of the aliphatic monocarboxylic acids that can be liberated by hydrolysis from naturally occurring fats and oils. Fatty acids are predominantly straight-chain acids of 4 to 24 carbon atoms, which may be saturated or unsaturated; branched fatty acids and hydroxy fatty acids also occur, and very long chain acids of over 30 carbons are found in waxes.
JCVI RoleBiosynthesis
Parent PropertyGenProp0838: lipid biosynthesis

Parent Properties
GenProp0838lipid biosynthesis

Child Properties
GenProp0214acetyl-CoA carboxylase complex
GenProp0681fatty acid biosynthesis from acetyl-CoA
GenProp1104acyl carrier protein phosphopantetheinylation

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