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Nameflagella, bacterial type
Descriptionrough in going well for bacterial Gram-neg, non-spirochete, non-endosymbiont.
JCVI RoleChemotaxis and motility
Parent PropertyGenProp0007: flagella

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
flagellar assembly apparatus componentsassmblYESGenProp0881 (GENPROP): flagellar assembly apparatus
flagellar basal body complexbasalYESGenProp0880 (GENPROP): flagellar basal body complex
flagellar export apparatusexportYESGenProp0879 (GENPROP): flagellar export apparatus
flagellar hook and filament complexfilamentYESGenProp0882 (GENPROP): flagellar filament and hook complex
flagellar post-translational modification componentsmodifNOGenProp0885 (GENPROP): flagellar post-translational modification components
flagellar operon proteins found in restricted phylogenetic rangesnarrowNOGenProp0887 (GENPROP):
flagellar regulation systemsregulatNOGenProp0884 (GENPROP): flagellar regulation
flagellar motor switch (rotor) complexrotorYESGenProp0883 (GENPROP): flagellar motor switch (rotor) complex
flagellar motor stator complexstatorYESGenProp0877 (GENPROP): flagellar motor stator complex
flagellar components of unknown functionunknownNOGenProp0886 (GENPROP): flagellar components of unknown function

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