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Namephage: major features
DescriptionProtein families related to head morphogenesis, DNA packaging, tail structure, and lysis. Now adding some for replication, although these may be hard to tell from plasmid replication proteins.
JCVI RoleProphage functions
Parent PropertyGenProp0066: selfish genetic elements

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
major capsid proteincapsidYESTIGR01551 (HMM): phage major capsid protein, P2 family
TIGR01554 (HMM): phage major capsid protein, HK97 family
PF03864 (HMM): phage major capsid protein E
PF05125 (HMM): phage major capsid protein, P2 family
PF02305 (HMM): capsid protein
PF11651 (HMM): coat protein, P22 family
TIGR04387 (HMM): major capsid protein, N4-gp56 family
any phage holinholinYESTIGR01592 (HMM): holin, SPP1 family
TIGR01594 (HMM): phage holin, lambda family
TIGR01598 (HMM): holin, phage phi LC3 family
TIGR01606 (HMM): holin, BlyA family
TIGR01673 (HMM): phage holin, LL-H family
PF05102 (HMM): holin, BlyA family
TIGR01593 (HMM): toxin secretion/phage lysis holin
PF06946 (HMM): phage holin
PF04550 (HMM): phage holin family 2
PF05106 (HMM): phage holin family
PF04688 (HMM): phage lysis protein, holin
PF04531 (HMM): bacteriophage holin
major tail proteinmjtailNOTIGR01603 (HMM): phage major tail protein, phi13 family
TIGR02126 (HMM): phage major tail protein, TP901-1 family
PF04630 (HMM): phage major tail protein
PF06199 (HMM): phage major tail protein 2
various structural componentsotherNOPF04865 (HMM): baseplate J-like protein
TIGR01600 (HMM): phage minor tail protein L
PF06528 (HMM): phage tail protein, P2 GpE family
TIGR01611 (HMM): phage major tail tube protein
TIGR01644 (HMM): phage baseplate assembly protein V
TIGR01715 (HMM): phage tail assembly protein T
TIGR01634 (HMM): phage tail protein I
PF04984 (HMM): phage tail sheath protein
PF04985 (HMM): phage tail tube protein FII
PF05100 (HMM): phage minor tail protein L
PF05126 (HMM):
TIGR01563 (HMM): putative phage head-tail adaptor
TIGR01635 (HMM): phage virion morphogenesis protein
PF05371 (HMM): phage major coat protein, Gp8
TIGR01665 (HMM): phage minor structural protein, N-terminal region
TIGR01674 (HMM): phage minor tail protein G
PF05929 (HMM): phage capsid scaffolding protein (GPO) serine peptidase
PF05354 (HMM): phage head-tail attachment
PF05926 (HMM): phage head completion protein GPL
PF06222 (HMM): phage tail assembly chaperone
PF04233 (HMM): phage Mu protein F-like protein
TIGR01641 (HMM): phage head morphogenesis protein, SPP1 gp7 family
PF05396 (HMM): phage T7 capsid assembly protein
PF06810 (HMM): phage minor structural protein GP20
portal proteinportalYESPF04860 (HMM): phage portal protein
TIGR01537 (HMM): phage portal protein, HK97 family
TIGR01538 (HMM): phage portal protein, SPP1 family
TIGR01539 (HMM): phage portal protein, lambda family
TIGR01540 (HMM): phage portal protein, PBSX family
TIGR01542 (HMM): phage portal protein, putative, A118 family
PF05133 (HMM): SPP1 Gp6-like phage portal protein
PF05136 (HMM): phage portal protein, lambda family
prohead proteaseprotaseYESPF03420 (HMM): prohead core protein protease, T4 family
TIGR01543 (HMM): phage prohead protease, HK97 family
PF04586 (HMM): caudovirus prohead protease
replication proteinsrepliNOTIGR01610 (HMM): phage replication protein O, N-terminal domain
TIGR03600 (HMM): phage replicative helicase, DnaB family
more tail proteinstailNOPF03335 (HMM): phage tail fiber repeat
PF03406 (HMM): phage tail fiber repeat
PF03903 (HMM): phage T4 tail fibre
PF03906 (HMM): phage T7 tail fiber protein
TIGR01633 (HMM): putative phage tail component, N-terminal domain
PF06894 (HMM): bacteriophage lambda minor tail protein GpG
PF06893 (HMM):
PF06891 (HMM): P2 phage tail completion protein R (GpR)
PF05065 (HMM): phage capsid family
PF06141 (HMM): phage minor tail protein U
PF06763 (HMM): prophage minor tail protein Z
PF05939 (HMM): phage minor tail protein
PF06274 (HMM):
PF06805 (HMM): bacteriophage lambda tail assembly protein I
PF05489 (HMM): phage tail protein X
TIGR02242 (HMM): phage tail protein domain
tail tape measure proteintape_mNOTIGR01541 (HMM): phage tail tape measure protein, lambda family
TIGR01760 (HMM): phage tail tape measure protein, TP901 family, core region
PF06791 (HMM): prophage tail length tape measure protein
TIGR02675 (HMM): tape measure domain
PF06120 (HMM): tail length tape measure protein
terminase, large subunittrm_lgYESTIGR01547 (HMM): phage terminase, large subunit, PBSX family
PF03354 (HMM): putative phage terminase, large subunit
PF04466 (HMM): phage terminase large subunit
PF05876 (HMM): phage terminase large subunit GpA
PF06056 (HMM): putative terminase, ATPase subunit, gpP-like
PF03237 (HMM): Terminase-like family
terminase, small subunittrm_smYESPF03592 (HMM): terminase small subunit
TIGR01558 (HMM): putative phage terminase, small subunit, P27 family
PF05119 (HMM): phage terminase, small subunit
PF05944 (HMM): phage small terminase subunit
PF07141 (HMM): putative bacteriophage terminase small subunit
uncharacterized phage proteinsuncharNOPF04883 (HMM): putative phage tail-component, HK97-gp10 family
PF07030 (HMM): phage conserved hypothetical protein
PF07026 (HMM): phage conserved hypothetical protein
TIGR01560 (HMM): uncharacterized phage protein (possible DNA packaging)
TIGR01725 (HMM): phage protein, HK97 gp10 family
TIGR01618 (HMM): phage nucleotide-binding protein
TIGR01630 (HMM): phage uncharacterized protein, C-terminal domain
TIGR01669 (HMM): phage uncharacterized protein, XkdX family
TIGR01671 (HMM): phage conserved hypothetical protein TIGR01671
TIGR01555 (HMM): phage-associated protein, HI1409 family
PF07409 (HMM): phage protein GP46
PF07066 (HMM): lactococcus phage M3 protein
TIGR02220 (HMM): phage conserved hypothetical protein, C-terminal domain
TIGR02215 (HMM): phage conserved hypothetical protein, phiE125 gp8 family
TIGR02216 (HMM): phage conserved hypothetical protein
TIGR02681 (HMM): phage regulatory protein, Rha family

Parent Properties
GenProp0066selfish genetic elements

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