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Namemolybdate ABC transporter
DescriptionThe high-affinity molybdate ABC transporter imports molybdate for the biosythesis of cofactors such as molybdopterin. Three structural components of this typical ABC transporter are the ATPase subunit (TIGR02142), permease (TIGR02141), and binding protein (TIGR01256). These structural components appear in three gene clusters. A molybdate transport repressor (TIGR00637) is included as a non-required part of the system. It is noted (PMID:11421278) that molybdate can also be transported by some sulfate/thiosulfate ABC transporters and non-specific anion transporters.
JCVI RoleAnions
Parent PropertyGenProp0180: small molecule transport
Literature References
[ 1 ]Self WT, Grunden AM, Hasona A, Shanmugam KT.  Molybdate transport.  Res Microbiol. 2001 Apr-May;152(3-4):311-21.  PMID 11421278
Web ReferencesTransport Classification DB: 3.A.1.8.1
Gene Ontology TermGO:0015689: molybdate ion transport (biological_process)

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
molybdate ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein (EC (HMM): molybdate ABC transporter, ATP-binding proteinGO:0015689: molybdate ion transport
molybdate ABC transporter, molybdate binding proteinbindingYESTIGR01256 (HMM): molybdate ABC transporter, periplasmic molybdate-binding proteinGO:0015689: molybdate ion transport
molybdate ABC transporter, permeaseprmModBYESTIGR02141 (HMM): molybdate ABC transporter, permease proteinGO:0015689: molybdate ion transport
molybdate transport repressorrepressNOTIGR00637 (HMM): ModE molybdate transport repressor domain

Parent Properties
GenProp0180small molecule transport

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