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NameTRAP-T (tripartite ATP-independent periplasmic transporters) family transporters
DescriptionThis property represents the presence of three-subunit transporters related to the DctPQM system for dicarboxylate transport in Rhodobacter capsulatus. These are secondary transporters, energized by ion gradients, rather than primary transporters powered by ATP directly. The acronym TRAP, or TRAP-T, stands for Tripartite ATP-independent Periplasmic Transporters. The characteristic architecture includes an integral membrane protein with 12 predicted transmembrane (TM) regions (e.g.DctM) and another with 4 predicted TM regions (e.g. DctQ). These two are fused in some species. Also present is an extracytoplasmic solute receptor (ESR), for which at least three families are known: DegP (TIGR00787), SmoM (PF03480), and TAXI (TIGR02122). In addition to C4 dicarboxylates, substrates moved by related transporters appear to include mannitol, aspartate derivative ectoine, and other as yet uncharacterized solutes. Some bacteria, such as Bradyrhizobium japonicum, may contain over a dozen such transporters.
JCVI RoleCarbohydrates, organic alcohols, and acids
Parent PropertyGenProp0180: small molecule transport
Literature References
[ 1 ]Kelly DJ, Thomas GH  The tripartite ATP-independent periplasmic (TRAP) transporters of bacteria and archaea  FEMS Microbiol Rev. 2001 Aug;25(4):405-24  PMID 11524131
[ 2 ]Rabus R, Jack DL, Kelly DJ, Saier MH Jr  TRAP transporters: an ancient family of extracytoplasmic solute-receptor-dependent secondary active transporters.  Microbiology. 1999 Dec;145 ( Pt 12):3431-45.  PMID 10627041

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
DctM-like 12-transmembrane helix protein12TMYESTIGR00786 (HMM): TRAP transporter, DctM subunit
PF06808 (HMM): TRAP transporter, DctM-like membrane protein
TIGR02123 (HMM): TRAP transporter, 4TM/12TM fusion protein
DctQ-like 4-transmembrane helix protein4TMYESPF04290 (HMM): TRAP transporter, DctQ-like membrane protein
TIGR02123 (HMM): TRAP transporter, 4TM/12TM fusion protein
TRAP extracytoplasmic solute receptor (ESR)bindngYESTIGR00787 (HMM): TRAP transporter solute receptor, DctP family
PF03480 (HMM): bacterial extracellular solute-binding protein, family 7
TIGR02122 (HMM): TRAP transporter solute receptor, TAXI family

Parent Properties
GenProp0180small molecule transport

Child Properties
GenProp0181count of TRAP transporter clusters

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