Genome Property Definition Page

Nameamino acid abundance (order)
DescriptionThis property expresses amino acid abundance as a compressed string of the 20 single-letter amino acid codes. The most abundant amino acid comes first followed by the rest in decreasing order.
Parent PropertyGenProp0067: quantitative content

Parent Properties
GenProp0067quantitative content

Child Properties
GenProp0088Percent A (Ala)
GenProp0089Percent C (Cys)
GenProp0090Percent D (Asp)
GenProp0091Percent E (Glu)
GenProp0092Percent F (Phe)
GenProp0093Percent G (Gly)
GenProp0094Percent H (His)
GenProp0095Percent I (Ile)
GenProp0096Percent K (Lys)
GenProp0097Percent L (Leu)
GenProp0098Percent M (Met)
GenProp0099Percent N (Asn)
GenProp0100Percent P (Pro)
GenProp0101Percent Q (Gln)
GenProp0102Percent R (Arg)
GenProp0103Percent S (Ser)
GenProp0104Percent T (Thr)
GenProp0105Percent V (Val)
GenProp0106Percent W (Trp)
GenProp0107Percent Y (Tyr)

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