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Nametype I secretion
DescriptionA type I protein secretion system is an ABC transporter. The system is Sec-independent. ATP drives the transport of target proteins across both inner and outer membranes and into the extracellular medium. There is no cleaved N-terminal signal sequence. Instead, the type I system recognizes C-terminal information, localized to the last 50 amino acids or less. Characteristic sequence found nearby, such as repeats of the motif GGXGXDXXX in Erwinia, may play a supporting role, possibly for chaperoning the rest of the protein rather than for recognition of the export signal (reference PMID:11157948). This property does NOT cover ABC transporter-mediated processing and secretion of class II bacteriocins of certain Gram-positive bacteria, because of the following differences: there is no outer membrane to traverse and no TolC homolog. N-terminal signal recognition and proteolytic processing (at a GG motif) occurs together with transport. Finally, the secreted peptides are small, and lack the GGXGXDXXX motif repeated in larger proteins of class I secretion systems.
JCVI RoleProtein and peptide secretion and trafficking
Parent PropertyGenProp0179: protein transport
Gene Ontology TermGO:0030253: protein secretion by the type I secretion system (biological_process)

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
type I secretion ATPaseATPaseYESTIGR01842 (HMM): type I secretion system ATPase
TIGR01846 (HMM): type I secretion system ATPase
TIGR03375 (HMM): type I secretion system ATPase
GO:0030253: protein secretion by the type I secretion system
GO:0030253: protein secretion by the type I secretion system
GO:0030253: protein secretion by the type I secretion system
type I secretion membrane fusion proteinMFPYESTIGR01843 (HMM): type I secretion membrane fusion protein, HlyD familyGO:0030253: protein secretion by the type I secretion system
type I secretion outer membrane proteinOMPYESTIGR01844 (HMM): type I secretion outer membrane protein, TolC familyGO:0030253: protein secretion by the type I secretion system
type I secreted proteins GGXGXDXXX repeatsexampleYESPF00353 (HMM): type I secretion target GGXGXDXXX repeat

Parent Properties
GenProp0179protein transport

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