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DescriptionYES NO CRYPTIC Chemotaxis (movement in response to chemical environment) requires three things - an ability of the cell to move (usually flagella, for bacteria), and ability to transduce environmental signals (often through methylation reactions), and a coupling between environmental signals and cell movement such that net movement of the cells toward or away from the stimulus occurs. If flagella is a cryptic property, and no other means of motion is detected, chemotaxis can be no greater than cryptic. If flagella is NO, chemotaxis is likely also to be NO.
Parent PropertyGenProp0073: cell motility
GenProp0864: response to external environment
Gene Ontology TermGO:0006935: chemotaxis (biological_process)

Parent Properties
GenProp0073cell motility
GenProp0864response to external environment

Child Properties
GenProp0762chemotaxis response-regulator system

Sibling Properties
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GenProp0781gliding motility, Bacteroidetes type
GenProp0848actin-based motility of invasive bacteria
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