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NameHMM hit percentage
DescriptionHMM hit percentage is a special property which is designed to be a consistency check on the content of the genome databases. It is intended that this property be evaluated prior to (and on the same day as) the evaluation of any other HMM-based properties. It has been found that, for most genomes whose databases are complete and for which all HMM searches have been properly run, the ratio of ORFs with HMM hits to the total number of ORFs is greater than 35%. Genomes which have a ratio in excess of 100% (which can arise if entries are missing from certain tables, but not others) will have the state ERROR. Genomes which have a ratio less than 35% will have the state INSUFFICIENT. Genomes which have a ratio in excess of 35% have the state, SUFFICIENT.
Parent PropertyGenProp0067: quantitative content

Parent Properties
GenProp0067quantitative content

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