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DescriptionYES NO This describes the property of having at least one intein encoded anywhere in the genome, including within proteins that belong to plasmids or phage regions. An intein should appear as a large insert in just one or two sequences of a multiple alignment with a hit region for TIGR01445 toward the left end of the insert and a hit to TIGR01443 toward the right. The region between may show endonuclease homology.
Parent PropertyGenProp0066: selfish genetic elements

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
intein C-terminal splicing regionC-TERMYESTIGR01443 (HMM): intein C-terminal splicing region
intein N-terminal splicing regionN-TERMYESTIGR01445 (HMM): intein N-terminal splicing region

Parent Properties
GenProp0066selfish genetic elements

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